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Friday, May 12, 2023 

  4: PM  Deb Hennen, "Communicating with Your Pet!"

  5: PM  Angelita Lopez Pritchett,  "Living for your Highest Self!"

  6: PM  Michaela Turner, PsyD., "Mindfulness and Intuition!"

  7: PM  Tim Riley, "Connecting with Your Angels and Spirit


Saturday, May 13, 2023

10:   AM  Laurel Clark, "Discover Your Intuitive Gifts!"

11:  AM  Nancy Ortinau, " The Magic of Growing Organic Food In

       Your Home!" 

12:  PM  Jean Walters, "Be Your Own Psychic!"     

  1:  PM  BuckyMan Medium, "Psychic/Medium Gallery &


  2:  PM  Jennifer Rogers, Jennifer Rogers, "Mantras and


  3:  PM  Astrologer Eric Rosen, "Collective Astrology Horoscope:

       A look ahead for what we are in for the rest of 2023!" 

  4:  PM  Steve Thomas, "Art: The Sea of Expression!"

  5:  PM  George Thompson, "How to Connect Energetically with



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