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Saturday, April 20, 2024

10:00 AM Timothy Riley, "Balancing Your Chakras Using                    Gemstones and Crystals!"

10:30 AM Angelita Pritchett, "Tarot Journaling:

                 Discovering Self Through Cards!"

11:00 AM Ashaiea Starshine, Numberologist

11:30 AM Deb Hennen, "Conversations with Your Pet!"

12:00 PM Jean Walters, "Meditation:  What it is & How it

                 Works - Some Easy Tips!"

1:00   PM Diane Wilson, "Navigating Health: Invisible

                 Quantum Potentials!"

1:30   PM Michaela Turner, "Gallery Readings!" 

2:00   PM Laurel Clark, "Pendulum Dowsing for Intuitive


2:30   PM

3:00   PM

3:30   PM

4:00   PM

4:30   PM

5:00   PM Christine Compas, Astrologer: "Pluto In

                 Aquarius: Power to the People!"


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