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Saturday, Sept 30, 2023

10 AM   BuckyMan Medium, "Gallery Readings!"

11 AM   Deb Hennen, "Conversations with Your Pets!"

12 PM   Jean Walters, "Spiritual Lessons in Family Dynamics: Family Karma!" 

 1 PM    George Thomas, "How to Connect Energetically with God!"

 2 PM    Victoria LoPiccolo, "Why You Need a Holistic Therapist in Today's World!"

 3 PM    Angelita Pritchett, MSW, LCSW, “Sowing Wellness, Reaping Joy: How the Wheel of the Year Fosters a Healthy Mind!”

 4 PM    Steve Thomas, "Art: The Sea of Expression!"

 5 PM    Dr. Michaela Turner, "Mindfullness and Intuition!"



Sunday, Oct 1, 2023

10 AM  Tracie Fleshman, DC. "The Energetics of Amethyst, Tourmaline, and Infrared!"

11 AM    Roger Weinerth, Hellerwork Practitioner, "How Realigning Your Movement and Posture Structurally Integrates Your Body, Mind, and Consciousness!"  

12 PM    Christine Compas, "How to Find Your Soul's Purpose Through the Stars!"

 1 PM    Tim Riley, "Connecting with Your Spirit Guides and Angels!"

 2 PM    Jennifer Rogers, "Energetic Wellness is the New  Preventative Wellness!" 

 3 PM    Cynde Meyer, "Psychic Development 101 with Cynde Meyer!"

 4 PM    Laurel Clark, "Inspiration, Intuition, and Imagination!"

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