Sunday Sept 15

10 AM  Melissa K Range: "Reclaim your Power, Rebuild your Intuition and Restore

             Grace to your life after a Toxic Relationship."

11 AM   Deb Hennen, "Conversations with Your Pets!"

12 PM   Sandra Rausch, "Healing Emotional Blocks with Essential Oils!"  

1 PM     Karen Reed, "Vibration & Sound Healing!"

2 PM     Little Sister of the Earth, "Connecting with Your Spirit Guides!"

3 PM     Christine Compas: "Three Practical Applications of Astrology, Personal

              Development, Relationship Building, an  Clarity of Purpose!"                                  4 PM     Eric Rosen "The Workout Wheel"

Saturday, Sept 14

10 AM  Laurel Clark,  "Extraordinary Dreams."

11 AM  Kay Losciuto, "Introducing Mindfulness into Your Life is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!"

12 PM  Jean Walters, "The 5 Secrets to Abundance!"

1 PM    Beth Ann Thater-Maune, "Pleiadian Broadcast; Receiving Transmissions of      

             Light through the Pleiadians!" 

2 PM    Amy Page, " Flower Power! Alleviate Emotional States with Flower Essences!"

3 PM    Cynde Meyer, "Feng Shui for Greater Wealth & Prosperity!"

4 PM    Debbie Copeland, "Hemp is not Hype!"

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