Friday, April 29, 2022

4 pm:  Deb Hennen, "How to communicate with your pets!"

5 pm:  Michaela, "Mindfullness. You are already Mindful; You may not    

           have noticed!"

6 pm:  Kay Losciuto, "Burn-In Instead of Burn-Out:  Using Mindfulness to

            Combat Compassion Fatigue and Burnout for Healthcare Workers,

            Activists, First Responders, and Animal Shelter/Rescue Workers!"


Saturday, April 30, 2022

10 am:  Tamera Milner, " Meet Your Guides, Fairies and Elves, Zero    

              Point Field, Soul Expansion Meditation!"

11 am:  Christine Compas, "New Moon Manifesting!" 

12 am:   Jean Walters, "Living in the Light - What it is and how to do it!"

1 am:    Tim Riley, "Cord Cutting - Cutting the Ties That Bind You!"

2 pm:    Jennifer Rogers, "Crystal Reiki: Preventative, Proactive  


3 pm:   George Thompson,  "How to Connect Energetically with God!"

4 pm:   Bucky Man Meduim, "Connecting Those Here with Those      

            There! Understanding Spirit Signs & Messages!"

5 pm:  Stephanie Bealler-Marquis, "How to Smudge. A Sacred

            Smoke Bowl Ritual!”